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Are you used to getting more than what you paid for? This Lady Did!

Are you used to getting more than what you paid for? This Lady Did!

Last week a woman called in her second order. This time she asked if the price would be lower although her quantity on her second order was not conducive to bulk protocol. I said I am sorry that we could not come down on the price because it had already been reduced to bulk status. LOL... the nerve of some buyers! lol.
I thought I would never hear the end of it. Some buyers seem to overlook the term "bulk". So she placed her order, and with a huff and a puff said she'll take her business elsewhere next time, which I replied I truly am sorry to hear that, (thinking to myself how is she fussing so bad when 90% of the U.S. suppliers are OOS / out of stock and slightly overpriced.

Long story short, her order arrives, now she is huffing and puffing about the cost of shipping.
I asked had she weighed the goods? she replied not yet. After she weighed the goods she called again and asked why the total weight was 300lb. overweight and that the shipping weight added an unexpected charge to her for $49.00.

My company approved a waiver for the $49.00 she said thanks!

The next day the buyer called again, she was almost in tears, (we were shaking up thinking she was still unhappy) the last thing we need is an unhappy, unreasonable buyer, but she said "I am so sorry" the reason the shipping was $49.00 more than quoted was that there were an extra 750 bottles in her shipment.

We offered to take them back and sell them to a local packaging company that is out of stock if they were in the way for her production, we also offered to her that she can keep and enjoy them. Dead silence for .10 seconds then... she uttered, I feel unbelievably insensitive, I wasn't thinking at all about manufactures process.

Thank you, we are your life long customer.

Note to the reader, this doesn't happen all of the time but we always try and surprise our buyers.
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