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Blue Bottles | Cobalt Glass Spray Bottles, Bulk Pricing Incudes Cap, Spray pump and Shipping.

Amber vs. Cobalt Blue Glass: The Best Bottle for your Light Sensitive Product

If you’ve ever opened a bottle of beer and immediately noticed the flavor was off, odds are it was out in the sun too long. Sunlight contains ultraviolet radiation that can damage your product in the same way it causes sunburn or can bleach out the color of a beach towel that has been outside all season. Ultraviolet (UV) rays are only a small percentage of the light from the sun, but they often pose the biggest problem for your essential oil, beer, spirit, etc.

The best way to protect your product is to ensure that it is stored in a cool, dark environment to prevent light exposure. When this is not possible, packaging your light sensitive product in the proper glass container can also help prevent quality loss or damage. Glass comes in clear, amber, green, cobalt glass and more. They each provide different levels of protection against UV light.

Will Glass Prevent Sunlight from Damaging my Essential Oil, Beer, etc.?

Glass absorbs a large amount of UVB light no matter what the color. This is why you will not be easily sunburned through your window. However, sunlight contains both UVA and UVB light. Clear glass only can protect against a small percentage of UVA light.

Tinted glass can protect your light sensitive product better than clear glass as it prevents more UVA light from passing through. The color in tinted glass helps filter damaging rays and keep your essential oil or similar product fresh longer.

Which Color Glass Bottle is the Best to Protect my Light Sensitive Product, Amber vs. Cobalt Blue Glass?

Amber glass offers protection from most light wavelengths under 450 nm, making it the best choice for optimum protection against damaging UV light. Amber packaging is often used in the pharmaceutical, spirit, personal care industry and more.

Cobalt glass bottles can provide adequate protection from light depending on your product as it absorbs more light than clear glass bottles. Many manufacturers choose cobalt glass over amber glass as it is an attractive material to allow your product to stand out on the shelves.

What About Green Glass Bottles?

While you might see beer and similar products stored in green glass it offers little protection against UV radiation compared to other colors of tinted glass. Similar to clear glass, however, green glass packaging will display your product more prominently and might be an option depending on the chemical composition of your oil, beverage, cream, etc.

Which Tinted Glass Bottle is the Best Choice for Your Product?

Choosing between clear vs. green, or amber vs. cobalt blue glass requires you to know how much sunlight your product can tolerate without loosing quality, as well as deciding which color represents your brand the best. If you need more information regarding our glass bottles.

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