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Bulk pricing, Japanese cellulite body brushes $2.67 - $1.85, moq- 1000/


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Japanese Sisal Brush: PH. 305-305-1779
Japanese all natural sisal body brush hailed for it's cellulite and circulation benefits. Renew skin while gently increasing blood circulation for your on going vibrant glow. Body brushing is optimal when our brush is used two -three times a week.  Truly the most effective cellulite remover.

ONLY $500-$850 FOR BULK SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS. ships from USA, Bali, Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea, Japan.

The natural exfoliating power of Sisal will improve blood flow, improving the removal of toxins from your skin and energizing your body from head to feet. Sisal products are 100% natural, highly sustainable and Eco-friendly.
*The gentle act of brushing your skin with a dry brush benefits your body and mind beyond simply beautiful skin. 
*Cellulite growth is broken up from daily light brushing for the objective to direct blood circulation where cellulite is noticed.

Natural Sisal can be used for a wet massage, to revitalize and stimulate the circulation, opening the pores of your skin to let them absorb more oxygen, while providing a deep cleansing for healthier and younger looking skin. It is also helpful to fight and prevent ingrown hairs.

Beauty Tips:
Eating a clean diet and drinking at least a half gallon of purified water daily supports the effort of body brushing significant results are
* maintaining wellbeing
*improve circulation
*exfoliate and smooth skin
*detoxify your body
*offers a calming stress relief 

Skin types:
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Directions for dry body brushing:
Ideally, brush daily-butt don't turn it into a chore. Remember you only need about 5 minutes of brushing before a shower.
Body brushing works best with strokes that are directed towards the nearest lymph node. Keep in mind, your main lymph nodes are in the groin area and the front of your armpits.

For Feet:
start at your soles of your feet and gently brush from your toes toward your heel. Then on top of your foot, brush from your toes and to your heel on both sides.

Starting from the ankle, brush in sweeping upward strokes from the back of your leg to the front. Brush both the inside and outside of your legs, continuing unto your groin.

Buttocks & back:
brush from the top of your buttock in a circular sweep down to where your buttocks joins your leg, then round the front toward your groin. 

Brush care:
As your body brush will accumulate the dead skin cells from daily dry body brushing, it is important to clean your brush regularly. 
*wash in hot water regularly with an antibacterial soap, shake out excess water and hang to dry in the sun. 
*Never leave your brush soaking in water or in a damp environment. 

Japanese Sisal Brush origin:
It is made in a town smaller than the town Yuyao. The town name is Yiwu. Yuyao and Yiwu are up in the countryside mountains about 60 miles from Cixi.
Yiwu is where the wood for the handles (lotus wood) are delivered from the forest of Yunnan China. The Bristles are imported from Mexico to Yiwu.

The sisal brush concept originated from Nagano Japan where Japanese industrialist began production of the Sisal brush in Yiwu China.
This sisal brush was exported to Japan where it got its name Japanese Sisal Brush.

Sample: lead time is 7 days

Lead time
production is 12 days for Japanese sisal dry brush

Ship by sea is 30 days after production
Ship by air is 10 days after production
All orders are door to door. All duty, import taxes, import documents included