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Aluminum Bottles | Mirror Finish MOQ-bulk $0.28ea.


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Aluminum Bottles Mirror Finish

These highly reflective, bright, catchy assortment of mirror-like reflection colored aluminum bottles are beautiful. Guaranteed to fit your marketing needs. Caps, Lids or Pumps sold separately.

Aluminum Bottle Specs
Stock #:00002
30ml, 60ml, 120ml, 240ml, 500ml,
Neck Size:
28/410, 24/410, 20/410
Material: 100% food grade Aluminum

Color in stock: Gold, Fuchsia, Peach, Purple, Silver & Red
Printing included in price 2 color/over.

See sustainable certification here.

Recycled Aluminum

Historically, aluminum has proven to be one of the most important materials in successful recycling programs. Aluminum offers high scrap value, widespread consumer acceptance, and aluminum recycling enjoys significant industry support.

Aluminum can be recycled and reused over and over without losing any of its characteristics. There is no loss of quality in using recycled aluminum. The recycling of aluminum uses less energy and can offer substantial costs benefits.

During many of the manufacturing processes involving aluminum there is scrap generated. This is usually returned to the smelters or casting facilities and reused to make the raw material again. Compared to the initial four pounds of ore to produce one pound of aluminum, every pound of recycled aluminum saves four pounds of ore.

Appealing Appearance

Aluminum has an inherent advantage over most other metals because of its attractive appearance and good corrosion resistance. There are many different finishing techniques that can be used. The more common ones are: liquid paint (including acrylics, alkyds, polyesters, and others), powder coatings, anodizing, or electroplating.

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