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ABL Tube | Aluminum Barrier Laminated Tube


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Aluminum Barrier Laminated Tube Customization Options

  1. Select Your Tube: You can select either ABL or PBL laminated tubes. You can choose your desired fill capacity, order size, and custom printing design options.

    Our aluminum or plastic barrier laminated tubes are 100% food-grade aluminum or plastic. Both options are FDA and EU-approved.

  2. Select Your Cap: You can select any style cap that goes with your design. However, the Zinc alloy cap is sold separately.

  3. Select Your Design: At checkout, you can upload any desired logos, icons, and designs.

ABL Tube Shipping Details

Ships from the USA, Bali, Vietnam, Cambodia, and/or Korea.

Sample Lead time:  The sample lead time is ten days.

Production lead: after the sample is approved, the production lead time for tubes is ten days, with full-color print lead time being 20 days.

Ship by sea is 30 days after production
Ship by air is 12 days after production


Aluminum Barrier Laminated & Plastic Barrier Laminated Tube Specifications

We ONLY apply your artwork to your aluminum tube. You can upload your artwork at checkout.

Product Name: ABL Soft Tube

Size: Dia13.5-35mm

Printing: offset printing (1-6 colors)

Material: The material is composed of a 65% plastic / 45% silicon material.

Internal coating: The internal coating of our tubes is composed of a gold epoxy phenolic resin.

Cap: The default cap style is a plastic screw cap.

MOQ: 10,000-PCS,… 50,000 for custom design

Usage: Our food-grade tubes can be used for cosmetics, ointments, toothpaste, and various other similar uses. 

See sustainable certification here.