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Bulk pricing Bottle hex-style shoulder Solid Black U.V. black glass bulk pricing for quantity black uv bottles.


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Black Glass bottles 100% UV Protection MOQ 3000
High quality manufactured U.V. solid black glass for less. Perfect for preserving cosmetic face serums and other skincare ingredients for longer shelf life.

Research on UV glass containers suggest a solid benefit using U.V Black Glass for consistent ingredient/formula potency.
ONLY $500-$850 FOR BULK SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS. ships from USA, Bali, Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea, Japan. 

Shipping Glass experienced several manufacturers coming aboard with what is becoming popular for import countries. A nice after-sale sentiment is growing.  
Being proactive when packing glass goods is gaining a safe-guard status. This status is earned. continues to seek out likeminded manufactures and encourages safe practice. 

Glass Bottle Responsibility & Safety. This Black UV solid glass bottle is great because of its unique hex-design and slope pitched shoulders.

Lead time production for Black glass is 18 days.

Ship by sea is 30 days after production
Ship by air is 12 days after production
All orders are door to door.